Pivotware 7.0 - Feature Management, New UI, Improved Tooling Integration & more

A new major version of Pivotware was just released. See here for the latest additions.

New Features

Feature Management

A new more modular method of licensing Desoutter software has now been implemented in Pivotware.

- See here for an explanation of feature management

- See here for how to use it in Pivotware

New Infinity Client and Infinity Module User Interface

Infinity Client and Infinity Module softwares have been redesigned to have more uniform and modern look and feel.

- See here for more information

New Asset: CONNECT

The Industrial Smart Hub CONNECT has been added as an available asset inside of Pivotware. The benefit of using an CONNECT asset is that it costs 0 UV in Pivotware to use it as feature management is already implemented inside of the CONNECT firmware.

Set Pset Parameters using Open Protocol

Users can use their Action Tool step parameters to update the final tightening step/phase of a Pset configured in a CVI3/CVIxII tightening controller or CONNECT industrial Smart Hub.

Simultaneous Operator Calls, Improved Menu + Attach Data

The operator call menu available in Infinity has been improved in design and had new functionality added. Users can now raise the same call more than once if configured and users can attach a piece of data to each call such as a message from an operator or part data. These calls and their data are shown on the Infinity Client HMI and can be viewed inside of DeMeter dashboards/assistant.


Define a delimiter to use in CVI Exports

Users can now define what delimiter that CVI Fusion should use when exporting a report to CSV.

Retrieve multiple columns results from one Logic File Search step

Users can now retrieve more than one single result as an outcome of a Logic File Search step. This means that less network traffic occurs when using a remote folder and less processing is required by the Infinity Client device.

Revision 1 Open Protocol Management

Users can now force the use of just revision 1 when communicating with an Open Protocol tool. This is particularly useful when integrating with tools that are not fully compliant with Open Protocol or that do not handle revisioning very well.

Use Pass/Fail statuses in Boolean Previous Step Result parameters

When using Previous Step Result in parameters which require a Boolean input, users can now use Pass/Fail from an Infinity Client step outcome to retrieve a True/False.

Bug Fixes

Active Operator Call Icon Not Showing

The bell icon indicating a call is active was not always shown. This has been resolved by the new menu design.

Tracker, Builder and Core Engine Communication

Communication management between Infinity Client and other Pivotware applications has been improved so that is always maintained, even when the system is low on resource.

For more information about these announcements please contact support here 

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