Pivotware 7.1.2 to 7.1.6 - Bug fixes galore!

Bug Fixes

Resolved in

        1.    Traceability Offline files were not always being retrieved by Desoutter Core Service due to incompatibilities managing both FTP and RestAPI connections used when retrieving Traceability Offline files generated by InfinityClient.

        2.    Some list items were not persisted when changed on CVI Fusion UI

Resolved in

        3.    In Action TCP/IP step, Message Data field is not saved properly in some cases.

        4.    Logic File Function step wasn't usable as a source for UID/SEQ/DATA fields in Build Source

Resolved in

        5.    New version of the Installer

        A new version of the installer of InfinityClient and InfinityModule is now available. This new version manages upgrade and downgrade more effectively, fixes minor issues and comes with a new design. Among fixed issues:

        - InfinityClient or Module not automatically started at start

        - Infinity LocalTraceability not automatically started

        - Configuration files were locked with administrator rights

        - InfinityClient and Module don’t require administrator elevation to run

        6.    Screen Background was not shown if a step raised an error during execution

        7.    "Advanced Variant Identifier" plugin can't be launched

        8.    Language was not retained between sessions

        9.    Operator call couldn't be stopped when InfinityClient was configured with only one call, it was possible to raise it but not drop it using the bell icon on the HMI.

        10.     Screen background pictures were not visible in position teaching menu 

Resolved in

        11.    There was not always an update of a tooling asset's status in the System Diagnostic interface when a disconnection of the tool occurred.

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