DeMeter 2.3 - Collection of Tightening Results, Improved Workflows, Scaled Pricing & more

A new major version of DeMeter was just released. See here for the latest additions!

New Features

DeMeter Collector - Initial Launch 

Demeter is a brand new service that can be installed on DeMeter application server's in order to collect tightening results which can be displayed on certain dashboards instead of requiring a CVI Net database connector to be assigned.


Addition of new menus for improved workflow

The link between Assembly Line and Shift Targets has now been added in both menus rather than just in the Assembly Line menu which was often being forgotten due to it's position in the workflow. Adding this link to both menus now allows users to work more ergonomically and to not forget this setting.

Scaled Pricing for Connectors

The price per connector now reduces as more connectors are added into a DeMeter configuration.

For more information about the new functionality or bug fixes, please see our release note here or contact support here 

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