DeMeter 2.4 - “Tightening – Event KPI’s” dashboard,“Tightening - Result List & Curves” dashboard & more

A new major version of DeMeter was just released. See here for the latest additions!

New Features  

“Tightening – Event KPI’s” dashboard

A new dashboard, called ‘Tightening – Event KPI’s’, has been implemented in this version and shows:

All the current alerts raised on the defined Tightening Unit (=’User Info’)

Statistics about alerts raised on the defined Tightening Unit within a defined period

“Tightening - Result List & Curves” dashboard

This new dashboard shows a grid with all the tightening results that have been retrieved in DeMeter. 

This dashboard includes Tightening Results for any Tightening Results sources such as: CVINet or DeMeter Collector.


Cross-Filtering between dashboards

To filter data in an easier way and to analyze data deeply, DeMeter keeps all the filters active when switching from a dashboard to another.

For more information about the new functionality or bug fixes, please see our release note here or contact support here

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