PivotWare V8.0.1 Now available

A new PivotWare software version has been released.

This version end the compatibility with Windows V7

Why stopping Windows 7 support:

- Windows has officially announced the end of support for Windows 7 on the 14th of January 2020.

- To carry on implementing new features, and ensure the best overall performances, some drivers commonly used by PivotWare needed to be upgraded.

What else is new with V8.0.1

The following features have also been relesed with this version 8, all centred around TCP/IP communication:

- TCP/IP Action step - Wait For TCP/IP Frame: with this new feature, the Process can now wait for a TCP/IP frame without first sending any frame to the target TCP/IP asset. This can be selected for each TCP/IP step using a new option called TCP/IP Mode.
1- When setting the option to Request: this is the legacy behaviour, i.e. a TCP/IP frame will be sent from PivotWare to the connected TCP/IP asset.
2- When setting the option to Wait For Frame, then the process waits for a valid frame to be sent to the station.
- Monitoring step: it is now possible to set the Action Monitoring Step to monitor for the reception of a specific TCP/IP frame.
- Monitoring step: upon meeting the monitoring criteria, it is now possible to Send a TCP/IP frame.

Do not hesitate to contact your remote support team for additional details about this version

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