This article Applies From:
CVI Fusion 6.21
Infinity Client 6.21
Infinity Module --
Core Services --
DeMeter 2.1.5
CVI Net Web --


The following guide is designed to give instructions on how install DeMeter devices/software as well as defining any requirements that it may need.


1  Requirements

2  DeMeter Service Installation

2.1  Installing the CONNECT

2.2  Connecting Infinity stations to CONNECT

3  DeMeter Assistant Installation

3.1  Supported Mobile Operating Systems

3.2  Installation Procedure 


In order to set-up and configure the DeMeter platform it is necessary to have one of the following pieces of hardware :

Device NameDesoutter Part Number
CONNECT X615 932 7220
CONNECT W615 932 7230

In order to receive and process useful information the following equipment must also be available for the used CONNECT to integrate with.

  • Assembly line composed of "n" workstations where each workstation is equipped with an Infinity Client device.
  • A local area network allowing access to the aforementioned Infinity Client devices.

It is recommended to have a copy of CVI Fusion available in order to make the required changes to Infinity Client configurations where needed.

For example:

The last Infinity Client of each assembly line is intended to provide the status of the part (Pass or Reject). This status will change what is displayed on Demeter's dashboards.

During the installation of DeMeter, production processes should already be set and shifts/production times should already be decided and implemented in order to ensure accurate metrics are generated by DeMeter. These should consist of:

  • Production plannings
  • Production targets

For example:

Production time: 7 hours

Defined target: 1 part every 2 minutes = 210 per shift per assembly line

The UID of each produced part must be also unique in order to ensure accurate metrics are available.

DeMeter Service Installation 

Installing the CONNECT 

In the example below, the model of CONNECT is CONNECT-W (with a, embedded WI-FI access point). If you want to install CONNECT-X, you will have to install an external WI-FI access point on the Ethernet network or the CONNECT will need to connected using a wired connection.

  • Attach your CONNECT to the required network by use of Ethernet using Ethernet 1 and 2 or by WiFi.
  • Power on the CONNECT

Change the IP addresses of CONNECT according to your installation.

See the addresses by default on the drawing.

Refer to the Product Instructions of CONNECT available at

Connecting Infinity stations to CONNECT 

To communicate with DeMeter, Infinity Client must be connected to the CONNECT hosting the DeMeter service. To activate this connection follow the guide below.

By default, Windows 7 Infinity Client devices do not support communication with the DeMeter service and must have additional configuration done to make them compatible.

To find more information about how to enable DeMeter in Windows 7 Infinity Client device please contact support

  • Open the Station Configuration of your desired INFINITY Client device inside of CVI Fusion. This can be done in Process Manager or Station Manager.
  • Open the Fusion Core Comms sub-menu

  • Activate 'DeMeter' and enter the IP Address of your CONNECT that is hosting the DeMeter service

  • Save the station.
  • Save the process project.

You can confirm that your Infinity Client device is successfully connected to the DeMeter service by looking at the system diagnostics screen of Infinity Client or at the status icons in the top right-hand corner of the application.

DeMeter Assistant Installation 

DeMeter Assistant is a mobile application that allows users to send and receive status information about production monitored by the Demeter service. Users are notified of any issues reported by the DeMeter service, these users can also assign themselves to the issues to ensure they are resolved by the persons with correct competences.

Supported Mobile Operating Systems 

Before beginning to install the DeMeter Assistant mobile application, ensure you have a mobile device with a compatible mobile operating system and version. See below:

Android 6 +iOS Not Supported

Installation Procedure 

  1. Download the DeMeter Assistant application package (.apk)

To get a download link for the DeMeter Assistant application, contact support

  1. Transfer the .apk file to your device's internal/external storage depending on what device you are using
  2. On your device, open "Setting » Security » Unknown Source

        'Security menu' on stock Android (Left), 'Lock screen and security menu' on Samsung devices (Right).

  1. Check the option so that your device allows installation of applications from other sources than the Play Store.

  1. Go to your storage device, select the DeMeter Assistant application (.apk)and install it.
  2. After installing the DeMeter Assistant mobile application, open it by clicking on the "DeMeter Assistant" tile.