To get an access to TMSS, please contact your local Desoutter representative.

For a secure access, TMSS uses a Microsoft Azure sign in process. Your Desoutter contact will create your account and an activation email will be sent to you.

Should you already have an Azure company account, it should be used to access TMSS.

If you do not have an Azure account, follow the procedure in the link of the activation email to create one.

First connection

Go to .

Log in TMSS with your Azure credentials.


You can navigate in TMSS using the top banner and its tabs:

HOME: home page of TMSS. Displays a pie chart to show the status of the on-going tools service activities.

TOOLS: displays the list of all Desoutter tools delivered to your company.

SERVICE REQUEST: use this section to require a service activity on the selected tools.

ENTER PO: use this section to inform us about a purchase order created for a pending quotation.

REMINDERS: create notifications to be alerted when an activity is due (e.g. an expired tool calibration).

PLANNED VISITS: check when the next visit of your Desoutter technician is planned.

LAST VISITS: view a list of the past visits of your Desoutter technician and their details.

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