The TOOLS page provides a list of all the Desoutter tools from your factory.

They are displayed in a fully customizable table.

Colour code

Tool rows are highlighted in yellow if a calibration or a maintenance is due in the next 30 days.

It is highlighted in red if they are overdue.

Add and remove columns

Click the "Set Columns" button to open the column selection window.

Then tick or untick the columns you need to display on the TOOLS page.

Drag and drop the column titles to create your ideal tool view in TMSS.

Your table setup will be saved for your next visits to TMSS.

Column Actions

The column Actions contains action buttons of two types:

- Request a Service : click on Request a service on the tool row to add it to the SERVICE REQUEST page (see SERVICE REQUEST).

- Add To PO: click on Add to PO on the tool row to add it to the ENTER PO page (see ENTER PO).

Use column filters

Clicking on a column title will sort the data by alphabetical /reverse alphabetical order or chronological/reverse chronological order.

Click on the three bars icon to open the filter choice of the desired column, enter your filter and click apply.

Filters on different columns can be cumulated to refine your selection:

Click on the cross of a filter selection to remove this filter.

Click on the "Remove Filters" button to remove all applied filters.

Search function

The search function can be used to find a specific tool with its serial number or exact model, as well as to find any tool from a family.

Searching "17B12345" will display the tool 17B12345.

Searching "CVI3" will display a list of all the CVI3 controllers from your factory.

Excel extract of the table

Click on the excel icon to extract the current view with applied filters and convert it to an excel sheet.

Request a service for all tools with an expired calibration date or an expired maintenance date.

Click the "Calibration Due" button to select all tools with an expired calibration date.

Click the "Maintenance Due" button to select all tools with an expired maintenance date.

These two filters can be combined.

Then click the "Add To Request" button to send the selected tools to the SERVICE REQUEST section of TMSS (see SERVICE REQUEST page).

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