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DeMeter 2.1

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The following guide is designed to give instructions on how to install DeMeter devices/software as well as defining any requirements that it may need.


1  DeMeter Service(s)

1.1  Installation Requirements

1.2  Running Requirements

1.3  Software Installation

1.4  Software Registration

1.5  Software Configuration

2  DeMeter Assistant

2.1  Supported Mobile Operating Systems

2.2  Application Installation 

DeMeter Service(s) 

DeMeter is a multichannel, visual management system used to track the performance and efficiency of a manufacturing environment and present it to users using dashboards, desktop devices and mobile devices. The platform has a plug and play design. It is easy to set-up, install and configure for the everyday user.

DeMeter is suitable for the Windows platform. The DeMeter service can be installed on any Windows platform that fulfills the installation requirements listed within this document. Once DeMeter services are installed on the server, applicable clients can connect to the service(s) and their data can then be displayed on dashboard displays. Configuration of the service(s) can be modified by using secured, compatible web browsers.

Installation Requirements 

The software can be installed on any machine (virtual or physical) that meets the below minimum specifications.

DeMeter Service(s) Minimum Requirements 

Server OS



Disk Space

Physical Hardware

Windows Server 2019

8 Cores / 2GHz (64-bit)

32 GB DD3

1 TB

DRIM 8 GB (615 927 9170)

Running Requirements 

When running, DeMeter Service(s) require certain ports to be open in order to operate normally. Please see below for required network ports and information about their purpose/configuration.

  • Facilitates http message requests used to access configurator, dashboards and so on
  • Facilitates communication between DeMeter Service(s) and DeMeter Assistant mobile application.
1664TCP"DeMeter BI" Service Usage 
1883TCPFacilitates communication between DeMeter Service(s) and tightening products 
1980TCP"DeMeter FMService#" Service Usage 
8666TCP"DeMeter DB" Service Usage 

Before running the DeMeter platform, ensure you have installed and are planning on using a compatible browser software and version. The following browsers are supported for both the DeMeter Configurator and DeMeter dashboards.

Chrome 45 +Firefox 38 +Edge 12 +Opera 30 +Internet Explorer Not Supported

Software Installation 

  1.  Download the latest version of the DeMeter platform
To download the latest version of the software contact support.
  1. Insert your DRIM (615 927 9170) into the host machine of the DeMeter platform.
  2. Open the installer by double-clicking on DeMeter_X.X.X.X_setup.exe. You should see something like this:

Attempting to perform an installation or upgrade of DeMeter without an inserted DRIM (615 932 9170) will stop the service from starting when the installer is finished. This is shown with the displayed here:

  1.  Start the installer by clicking on 'Install'.
  2.  Once you have finished installing, you should see the following services running in the Services menu of Windows.

Software Registration 

DeMeter licensing is managed by the usage of feature management. By inserting a DRIM (615 927 9170), the software is unlocked for usage. The value of a configuration is calculated as each setting is enable or disable and as new devices are connected to. The inserted DRIM (615 927 9170) must contain an adequate amount of UV to unlock/use this configuration in order for DeMeter to operate.

Software Configuration 

To find more information about how to create configurations in DeMeter try reading our Learn the Basics section

DeMeter Assistant 

DeMeter Assistant is a mobile application that allows users to send and receive status information about production monitored by the Demeter service. Users are notified of any issues reported by the DeMeter Service(s), these users can also assign themselves to the issues to ensure they are resolved by the persons with correct competences.

Supported Mobile Operating Systems 

Before beginning to install the DeMeter Assistant mobile application, ensure you have a mobile device with a compatible mobile operating system and version. See below:

Android 6 +iOS Not Supported

Application Installation 

  1. Download the DeMeter Assistant application from the Android Play Store:
  2. Use the QR Code here to open the Play Store on your mobile device: