Pivotware 6.23.3 - Improved Communication, Project Links, Project Sizes & more

A new minor version of Pivotware was just released. See here for the latest additions.


Infinity Module > Client Communcation

Communication management between Infinity Module in Tracker Mode and Infinity Client has been improved.

Bug Fixes

Logic File Search Authentication

In Infinity Client, logic file search step handles network shared folder more accurately in order to reduce the likelihood of the error: "Authentication using the entered username and password failed" when the credentials were correct. 

Linking Module Projects

In CVI Fusion, the likelihood of the application crashing when linking several process project a module project containing a Tracker configuration has been eliminated

Lookup Project Sizes

In CVI Fusion, management of excessively large lookup projects has been improved in order to reduce the likelihood of application errors.

For more information about these announcements please contact support here

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