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The following article explains how to configure the DeMeter Assistant mobile application. It is used to view, answer and close calls raised by Infinity Client users in live production.

To find more information on how to install the DeMeter Assistant, see here


1  Configuring DeMeter Assistant

2  Using DeMeter Assistant

Configuring DeMeter Assistant 

After opening the DeMeter Assistant mobile application, you will initially see that it is not connected. To set up the application for use, open the menu like below.

  • Click 'Settings'

Ensure your portable device is connected to the same network as your CONNECT.

  • Enter your name. - This will be shown on 'Calls' dashboards so that people know who has accepted an open call
  • Enter the IP Address of your CONNECT

  • Configure the types of calls you want to subscribe to and define how notifications should operate on your portable device.


Sets the level(s) of calls that you want to subscribe to. You are subscribed to the level defined and all levels of a higher priority.


Filters the specific types of call that you will be notified of.

When a call is raised it received an escalation of 1. This value is incremented every 2 minutes until the call is closed.
Using this property you can define at what escalation level you are notified of an open call.

New Call
If selected then you will notified of each new call opened by an Infinity Client User (dependant on your 'Calls' settings).

Permanent Notification
If selected then you will notified when your mobile device is locked or the application is closed.

Using DeMeter Assistant 

Once configured, users are able to be notified of all operator calls raised on Infinity Client devices connected to a DeMeter dashboard. To find out more about this is working, see the video below.