This Article Applies From:
DeMeter 2.1


This article intends to explain how to configure and manage dashboards as well as informing viewers/users of dashboards on how to make full use of their features.


1  Overview

2  Adding Dashboards

3  Defining Dashboards

3.1  General Dashboard Properties

3.2  Individual Dashboard Properties

4  Viewing Dashboards

4.1  Supported Browsers

4.2  Accessing Dashboards By Configurator

4.3  Accessing Dashboards By Browser

5  Using Dashboards


Dashboards are one of the ways in which users can view data consolidated and calculated by the DeMeter Service(s). Depending on user preference and available connectors, administrators of the DeMeter configurator can define which dashboards are available to viewers as well as the rules that govern them/their data.  

Adding Dashboards  

  • To add a new dashboard to your configuration, click on the   icon.

  • After having clicked on the icon, you can define the properties for your dashboard.
  • Click the    icon in the top-right corner to confirm any changes.

Defining Dashboards  

General Dashboard Properties  

Within the dashboard menu, users can create dashboards and define global properties for all the dashboards within the configuration.

The general properties allows users to add a company logo to the dashboards within their configuration. Users can also define minimum and maximum threshold allowances for performance, availability and quality used by OEE metrics on certain dashboards.

Individual Dashboard Properties  

Whilst creating or editing a dashboard in your configuration, it is possible to define specific properties about a dashboard.

  • Name - Define the name for the dashboard.
  • Select type - Define the type of dashboard available to a user. This will define the layout of data on-screen.
  • Title - Define the title shown to users at the top of the dashboard.
  • Slogan - Define the slogan shown to users at the bottom of the dashboard.

Click the    icon in the top-right corner to confirm any changes.

Viewing Dashboards  

Supported Browsers  

When viewing dashboards, the following browsers are supported for both the DeMeter Configurator and DeMeter dashboards.

Chrome 45 +Firefox 38 +Edge 12 +Opera 30 +Internet Explorer Not Supported

Accessing Dashboards By Configurator  

Users can access dashboards that are applied to their DeMeter Service(s) by clicking on the "open in new tab" link directly in the dashboards menu.

Accessing Dashboards By Browser  

Users can access dashboards by directly typing the IP Address of the DeMeter Service(s) host machine into a supported browser.

http://[Server Address]

By using the direct IP Address of the server, users are directed to the dashboards loaded in the current configuration automatically.

Using Dashboards  

DeMeter Dashboards are interactive, scalable and can have filters applied dynamically in to deep-dive into the displayed data and give viewers exactly the view that is most applicable to them:

Users are also able to apply more large-scale or global filters by making use of the filters menu directly on the dashboard too.

By opening this menu, users can modify the dashboard being viewed, the environment being applied to the dashboard and date range being applied to the dashboard (where applicable).