Pivotware 7.6.7 - Bug Fixes

A new minor version of Pivotware just released. See here for the latest additions. 


Bug Fixes

[Infinity Client] Previous Step mode didn’t work when getting the result of a Previous Step

When a step parameter was configured to be retrieved from the result of a previous step, if this step was configured in ‘Previous Step’ mode (instead of ‘Specific Step’ mode), then Infinity Client couldn’t retrieve the value correctly.

[Infinity Client] [#1008] Unexpected error occurred in Infinity Client when trying to use Local Reports

If an Action TCP/IP step was skipped while the asset was disconnected, then the display of the local traceability was not correctly managed and the cycles/steps couldn't be loaded.

[Infinity Client] MID7412 management issue in case of battery tool disconnection

Because the CONNECT is not able to accept MID7412 when the battery tool is disconnected, Infinity Client was not managing correctly the error returned by the CONNECT and displayed an ‘Invalid Pset’ error message. Infinity Client 7.6.7 fixes the issue when MID7412 is not accepted by the tightening device but ‘Invalid Pset’ message is still displayed.  The retry button is used to send MID7412 again once the battery tool is connected.

[Infinity Module] Infinity Module took a long time to startup

After a breakdown of the line, Infinity Client and Builder could not retrieve the connection correctly. It was necessary to restart the Builder to restore the communication.

[Infinity Module] Infinity Module took a long time to startup

The clean up of the "Stored Data" of Infinity Module was not correctly managed when data reach the  ‘Stored data validity time’. Even if it seems they were correctly purged in the ‘Stored Data’ menu of the application; they were still present in the application’s local database.

On upgrade, if data is found to require deletion then Infinity Module can take some time to carry out this operation. Estimated time = 1 second per 1000 "Stored Data" that needs to be removed

[Infinity Client Cycle Time was not correctly calculated when set dynamically]

When the Cycle Time was dynamically calculated from the Time Allocation of steps, if steps got their time allocation from a Previous Step Result, then the Cycle Time was not correct: Infinity Client was considering these steps with 0sec.


For more information about the new functionality or bug fixes, please see our release note here or contact support here

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