Pivotware 7.9.1 - Repeat on Attempts, New Previous Step data & more

A new major version of Pivotware just released. See here for the latest additions.

New Features

Repeat on Attempts

The ‘Repeat on Batch’ option has been improved to handle all attempts and thus, it has been renamed to ‘Repeat on Attempts’. This option is available when using Previous Step data on a Logic File Function in Write mode. When it’s activated, instead of writing a line to file with only the data of the specified batch, Infinity will duplicate the line by automatically looping over all the attempts or batch.

New Previous Step data

Step End DateTime

Attempt End DateTime

Attempt Count

Attempt Status

Batch Count

Warning when deploying  big process

Using Lookups in a Process can result to deploying a very big process with thousands of steps. When a Lookup is linked to a step, then CVI Fusion will duplicate that step as many times as there are lines in the lookup file (adjusting the defined settings of course). Such huge process can require lot of resources for Infinity Client.

From this version, CVI Fusion checks the number of steps in the deployed process and raise a warning if it exceeds more than 10k steps.

Nevertheless, this warning can be by-passed and the deployment successful, Infinity Client may have some issues.

Bug Fixes 

[CVI Fusion] Warning message about not-existing target for Stop Monitoring steps

When an Action Monitoring step was configured in ‘Stop’ mode, then CVI Fusion was raising a warning before deploying        

the process, saying: “Target step doesn’t exist”. This warning was pointless for such a step.

[Infinity Client] Save Station button doesn’t behave the same in Process and Station manager menus

The behavior of the Save Station button has been reworked to have the same behavior in both Process Manager and              

Station Manager menus.   

[CVI Fusion] System out of memory when deploying a process with big Lookup File

When a huge lookup was linked to a process, then CVI Fusion could run out of memory by generating the proce before          

deployment. A warning has been added before deployment. See new feature Warning when deploying big process. 

[CVI Fusion ] Cannot filter for specific steps in reporting

The step selector for filtering steps displayed in reporting was not really working.

[InfinityClient] Evaluating values in Logic Decision not working when step type has changed

InfinityClient was not able to evaluate values during Logic Decision if this value was coming from a step with a Step Type       

that has been modified after. Using the new version of InfinityClient fixes that issue and a warning is displayed on CVI Fusion when editing the step.

[CVI Fusion] Schema of database not compatible error

CVI Fusion was raising an error about the database when generating an empty report: ‘The schema of the selected database is not compatible’. However, the database was correctly updated.

[CVI Fusion] New step added is not re-sequenced

For some processes, CVI Fusion could move or not update the Order ID of new steps. The root cause has been identified and was linked to a "copy of a station with step", which led to corruption of the process.

For more information about the new functionality or bug fixes, please see our release note here or contact support here 

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