DeMeter 2.7.4 - Dashboard composer, Replace the OEE pie chart with gauche chart & more

A new major version of DeMeter was just released. See here for the latest additions!

New Features   

Dashboard composer

From this new release of DeMeter, we are pleased to introduce the Dashboard composer which make you able to compose your own dashboards from all the existing widgets you already use in previous versions of DeMeter.

To achieve this, we reworked the Dashboard menu and create new way to create dashboards.

Replace the OEE pie chart with gauche chart

“OEE” widget was displayed using a pie chart that was leading to some minor UI issues. We replaced this widget with a gauge chart that shows the OEE progress in a better way.

‘Text from URL’ and ‘Gauge from URL’ widgets

These release of DeMeter introduces two new widgets: ‘Text from URL’ and ‘Gauge from URL’. Both can display a value that is extracted from any REST API.



Logs menu in DeMeter Collector

It’s not possible to activate logs in DeMeter Collector: user logs and advanced logs.

Start DeMeter Monitor and enter the General Parameters menu:

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