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CVI Net Web 3.6.x


The following article explains how to organise controllers that are connected to your CVI Net Web platform so that you can replicate your factory in the CVI Net Web (viewer).


1  Factory Structure Management 

2  Organising your Factory Structure

2.1  Creating Factories

2.2  Creating Lines & Working Areas

2.3  Moving Controllers

Factory Structure Management  

Within the Factory Structure menu, users can organise authorised controllers in order to replicate their factories layout.

  • Click this icon

  • Navigate to "Factory Structure"

  • A pop-window will appear where all your listed factories, production lines, working areas and controllers are listed.
  • By default, all of your controllers are allocated to "Default Factory > Default Line > Default Working Area".
  • When creating reports, you will need to select which factory, line or working area from a tree view of the same design as the one seen here.
  • Only admin and other manually added users will be able to see the default factory (and sub-elements). As a result, we suggest always replicating your factory as it is physically if you want to use guest users.

See below for how to add new elements to the tree view and move element between different branches

Organising your Factory Structure 

Creating Factories 

  • With the Factory Structure Management pop-up open, click this icon

  • Enter a name and click "Save.

Creating Lines & Working Areas 

  • Right-click on a factory, select "Create Line" or right-click on a line and select "Create Working Area".
  • Enter a name and click "Save".

Moving Controllers 

  • Right-click on a controllers, select "Move to"
  • Right click on a destination working area, select "Paste"