Feature Management (FM) is a modular licensing model allowing customers to pick and choose the features in Desoutter software that are required for their installation. They pay only for the activated features instead of paying for the entire product and only using a certain percentage of it.

So how does it work?

The following platforms(s) are FM-enabled today:

  • Pivotware (version 7.0 and newer)

When a customer buys an RIM, they can plug it into a feature management compatible Desoutter product in order unlock the product/application and activate the base level of functionality automatically.  For example, plugging a P'RIM (615 927 8670) into an Infinity Client device will unlock the application allowing a user to run a configuration and enable the "Infinity Base" feature which contains a certain basic level of features. 

Following this, if a user requires more diverse or advanced functionality enabled then they can activate it in their configuration and use it on their device provided enough UV is stored on the RIM.

What are UV?

Unit Value (UV) is an assigned value for individual features within Desoutter products. 

If any functionality within a products configuration uses functionality that are not included in it's basic level of functionality then UV need to be purchased and loaded onto the RIM in order to validate that the advanced feature is paid for.

By default, 0 UV are loaded onto a RIM.

How do I add more UV to a P'RIM ?

To add more UV to add to RIM you will need buy an e-Wallet with some UV stored inside and then moved them as needed to your RIM(s). We call this operation, rebalancing. 

For more information about how to rebalance UV and what how to manage features see here.

To buy an e-Wallet containing UV, contact our support team here and they'll ask your local contact to get in touch. Alternatively, you can contact you local team directly by mail or phone.