This Article Applies From:
DeMeter 2.1


The following article explains how to upgrade the DeMeter Service(s).


1  DeMeter Service

1.1  Upgrade Procedure

DeMeter Service 

The DeMeter Service(s) are a collection of Windows services installed on to a physical or virtual machine. A user can upgrade the services with the use of an installer available from the Desoutter Support Team.

Upgrade Procedure  

  • Download the latest version of DeMeter_X.X.X.X_setup.exe.

To get a download link for the latest software version, contact support

  • Ensure your DRIM (615 927 9170) is correctly inserted into the host machine of the DeMeter platform.
  • Open the installer by double-clicking on DeMeter_X.X.X.X_setup.exe. You should see something like below provided a previous installation is already present:

  • Start the installer by clicking on 'Install'.
  • Once you have finished installing, you should see the following services running in the Services menu of Windows.

Attempting to perform an installation or upgrade of DeMeter without an inserted DRIM (615 932 9170) will stop the service from starting when the installer is finished. This is shown with the displayed here: