Pivotware is your holistic process control and worker assistance solution designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your production and live the zero defect strategy. With Pivotware, you can easily master a wealth of variants, overcome process complexity, help your employees achieve optimal results and long training periods become a thing of the past. The best part: You always have the situation under control!

So how we do this? Learn all you need to know about Pivotware in just 4 minutes in the video:

So what makes Pivotware different from other error-proofing platforms?

Pivotware Features

Effective Worker Assistance

Guide your employees step by step through an easy-to-read interface. Managing different processes and parameters per product type. Request direct support to by I/O, mobile apps and dashboards. Check help documents. Achieve your a finished product without errors.. 

Zero Defect Strategy

Control your product quality more rigidly. Assembly errors can be immediately detected and remedied thanks to the integration of Smart Tools, real-time feedback and hot rework. Forgotten operations, in correctly used part and confused operators all become a relic of the past.

Industry 4.0 Networking

Pivotware offers a variety of interfaces. You can easily integrate tools, positioning arms, I/O Module, TCP/IP devices, scanners, printers, sensors and more. Pivotware stations can be easily networked for better line balancing or and integrated rework.

Full Traceability

All work results and serial numbers are recorded at all times. Whether you need big data analysis or birth certificate per component - Pivotware allows you to see the big picture and the small picture. Get reports on your entire production, see the results in clearly displayed graphs and tables, improve your production even more with the data and wonder how you ever produced without it. 

Fully Scalable

Introduce Assembly 4.0 in small steps. Start your digitization with just one station or an entire building - which suits you. Our process control solution is fully scalable. You can add more tools, features and stations when you need them and how you need them.

Globally Networked

From a single station to a production line to a global production; Pivotware has got your back. You can manage your processes independent of your location, all the processes and data is centralized allow for easy management by your IT or by our global service team.

Demand-Oriented Solution

Pivotware is completely modular. Thanks to intensive target analysis and structured project planning, we develop the tailor-made solution for you. With PivotWare you invest in your future as needed.

Configure Instead Of Program

With the simple editor, CVI Fusion,  you stay independent and flexible - no need for a developer or brainiac. You can use it to configure your processes from start to finish without any programming knowledge. Process changes are quick and easy, it takes just a few quick clicks to add new types of parts and you have full control over just how much power each station needs so there's no wasted resource anywhere.

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