CVI Net Web is a data collection platform used to collect tightening data from CVI3 and CVIxII tool controllers in real time, store their tooling results inside of a centralised database and allow users to create powerful reports based on this data. By analysing this data, users can make complex and in-depth analysis of their production process - users are able to be both reactive and proactive in ensuring the quality of every fastening.

But what does that mean? What exactly does CVI Net Web let me see?

Full Traceability

  • Real Time Results and Curve Collection
  • Real Time Tightening Errors
  • Data Storage in Server Architecture
  • SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL compatibility
  • Automatic upload of missing data from controller
  • Alarms in case of disconnection
  • Curve overlay

Statistical Analysis

  • Advanced OK/NOK reports and control charts
  • Advanced NOK pareto analysis
  • Cm/Cmk analysis (ISO, CNOMO, NF)
  • Error Code Analysis & CVI3 User info pareto diagram
  • Team Productivity Reports


  • Administrator User
  • Customised Views and Filters
  • Groups and Teams Management
  • Complete Plant Layout Definition
  • Smart Identifier Filtering
  • Quick VIN Result Filtering

Report Printing

  • Export all results and curves directly from the interface
  • Export to PDF, CSV or TXT format
  • Direct Printing from the interface
  • Birth certificate reports based on barcode scanning
  • CVI3 Assembly Process reports in PDF or XLS format

Open Protocol Adapter License

  • Collect results from any device with Open Protocol Compatibility

Notifier License

  • Send customised mails and notifications based on specific CVI3 events

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