This Article Applies From:
CVI Fusion 6.21
Infinity Client --
Infinity Module --
Core Services --
DeMeter --
CVI Net Web --


The following article is intended to explain how to navigate and use the CVI Fusion user interface and work areas.


1  Desktop

2  CVI Fusion at a glance

3  Usability and System Configuration


When you launch CVI Fusion, the Desktop appears which shows the following:

  • Links to facilities menu used to configure and manage Infinity Client and Infinity Module devices.
  • Quick Links to commonly used reporting queries for both Cycle and Graphical Reporting.
  • Information about the compatibility of any connected database.

CVI Fusion at a glance  

1:  Menu Navigation - Users can navigate between the different menu types of CVI Fusion.

2:  Sub-Menu Navigation - Users can navigate between the different sub-menu inside of a main menu.

3:  Project Controls - Create new projects, open existing projects and import/export projects to and from databases

4:  Project Controls - Save and close open projects. Link project files together to share resource information.

5:  Main Workspace - Main menu containing project elements such as stations, process steps, users, assets and variants

6:  Property Workspace - Main menu containing property settings

To learn about what each facility menu is used for check our our 'Workflow and Linking Projects' article!

Usability and System Configuration  

By navigating to System > System Configuration users can define the following:

  • Desired Torque Measurement units viewed in CVI Fusion Reports.
  • Desired Number of Decimal Places used in CVI Fusion Reports.
  • Database Query Timeout: Number of seconds allowed for CVI Fusion to initialise a connection to a database at startup before regarding connection as not possible.
  • Report Query Timeout: Number of seconds allowed for CVI Fusion to retrieve report data from a connected database before regarding the report as not possible.