This Article Applies From:
CVI Fusion 6.0
Infinity Client 6.0
Infinity Module 6.0
Core Services 6.0
DeMeter --
CVI Net Web --


With the Pivotware platform being such a scalable and diverse platform, it can be difficult to know which software does what. But worry no more because we've made a comprehensive guide for you here!


Lets start from the bottom up!

Infinity Client is the most widely used software. Infinity Client is the application that production operators work on to produce parts. It's responsible for displaying digital work instructions, giving operators feedback about their actions and integrating with equipment like tooling, scanners, digital I/O and anything else you may need to integrate with. 

Much like how operators have team leaders; Infinity Clients have Infinity Modules. You can imagine Infinity Module as a sort of big brother or supervisor for Infinity Clients. The difference is that Infinity Modules have one dedicated and important task defined in their configuration such as managing electronic build tickets or ensuring produced parts are taking the required line flow in order to be correctly assembled.

Away from the factory floor we have two products - usually installed on servers on engineer's laptops depending on their respective usage. These products are CVI Fusion and Core Services.

CVI Fusion acts as the management software for all the other applications. From CVI Fusion, users can manage the configurations for Infinity Client, Modules and even the Core Service. Users can find menus for managing their hardware, users, production data and processes.

Quietly in the background, Core Service is moving traceability from Infinity devices to a centralized Microsoft SQL Server database. users of CVI Fusion can produce in-depth reports based on this gathered data.

So what is needed to get started?

You can start wherever you are most comfortable and with whatever suits your production needs the best. 

  • CVI Fusion doesn't need to remain connected for Infinity Client to run, processes can be configured, deployed and then left to run autonomously.

  • Infinity Module is reserved for important production processes but if you're just starting out then they may not be necessary. You don't need Infinity Module for Infinity Client to run.

  • Core Services are there to backup Infinity device actions to a Microsoft SQL Server database however if you aren't dealing with critical data or don't have a server in place then it's no problem. Infinity Client will continue to run without a connection to the database and even store the 10,000 most recent cycles locally for you to view on the hosted device directly.

To find out more about Pivotware features check out our 'What is Pivotware' article. We also have an explainer video here too!