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CVI Fusion 6.20
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The following article covers how to create assets inside of the asset manager facility and how to associate these assets to required station(s).


1  Creating Assets

2  Associating Assets to a station

Creating Assets  

  • Open Asset Manager.
  • Create a new or open an existing project.
  • Click "New Asset".

After clicking on "New Asset" you will the asset properties load on the property workspace.

From this menu you can define the type of assets that you have in your installation as well as defining how to communicate/operate with them.

To find a full list of our supported assets, click here

Click "Save Asset" to add your asset configuration to your project. It will be shown in the main workspace.

Associating Assets to a station  

  • Open Process or Station Manager.
  • Create a new or open an existing project.
  • Create a new or click on an existing station.
  • In the Station Configuration, open the "Local Asset" sub-menu.

  • Click "Manage Assets".
  • After clicking "Manage Assets", a pop-up menu will appear where you can search through all assets listed in your associated asset projects.

If no assets are showing in this pop-up then it means that no asset projects have been linked in 'Project Information' or no assets have been created in your linked project(s).

To find out how to link project, please see here