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CVI Fusion 6.18
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The following article covers how to create users for Infinity Client/Module devices inside of the user manager facility. We will also cover how to associate these users to specific groups and how to then define which groups are deployed to which station(s).


Creating Users  

Creating Groups  

Associating groups to stations  

Importing Users and Groups  

Creating Users  

  • Open User Manager.
  • Create a new or open an existing project.
  • Click "New user"

After clicking on "New user" you will the user properties load on the property workspace.

From this menu you can define the information about your users that will access Infinity Client.

  • Name = Display Name of the user.
  • User Type = Defines the permissions allowed by the user on Infinity Client.
  • Pin Code = Defines the pin code used on an Infinity device to log in.
  • Card Code = Defines the card code used on an Infinity device to log in.

Creating Groups  

  • Open User Manager.
  • Create a new or open an existing project.
  • Click the Groups tab in the bottom left-hand corner.

  • Click "New group"

After clicking on "New group" you will the group properties load on the property workspace.

From this menu you can change the properties of your group.

  • Name = Defines the name of your group of users.
  • Manage Users = Opens a pop-up allowing you to associate users to this group.

Associating groups to stations  

  • Open Process Manager.
  • Create a new or open an existing project.
  • Create a new or click on an existing station.
  • Click the "Process Configuration" tab in the bottom right-hand corner.

  • Open the "System Access" sub-menu
  • Open the "User Management" pane

  • Click "Manage Groups".
  • After clicking "Manage Groups", a pop-up menu will appear where you can search through all groups listed in your associated asset project(s).

The maximum number of groups that can associated to each station is 10.

Importing Users and Groups  

Both Users and Groups can also be imported directly from a prepared CSV file: this allows for all user data to be centralised in a single file prior to deployment.

The file content must match the following format (please refer to use the attached file UserDemo.csv as an example):

The following must be noted:

  • It is not possible to associate one user to more than 10 groups.
  • It is possible to define a station administrator using the User Type code 0 (please refer to the attached CSV file as an example). Be mindful, though, of centralising this type of profiles through a centralised CSV file.

Once the CSV file is ready:

  • Open CVIFusion.
  • Browse to the User Manager project and either create a new one or open an existing one.
  • In the Users panel, click on the Import icon.
  • Select the previously created CSV file  then click Open.

The Users and Groups listed in the files will automatically be created and linked together.

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