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Infinity Client 7.1
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The following article explains how to configure a Desoutter I/O Modules compatible with the Pivotware platform. It also covers the how to use these assets are used in your Pivotware process and steps.


1  Supported Assets 

2  Fusion Configuration

2.1  Asset Configuration

2.2  Station Configuration

2.3  Step Configuration

3  Infinity Client

3.1  Driver Installation

3.2  Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

4  Feature Management

Supported Assets  

Type of I/O ModuleDescriptionHow does it work
Nano 6I/6O6-input, 6 output 24V IO accessory communicating by GPIO and DIONano I/O is a dedicated PCB device connected to Infinity Client/Module devices by use of two HD15 cables. These HD15 directly connect to GPIO and DIO ports on the breakout of the Client/Module device.

Note: the latest generation of Panel PCs supplied by Desoutter do not support the NANO, since the corresponding DIO/GPIO have been removed.
Micro 16I/16O16-input, 16 output 24V IO accessory communicating by Ethernet.Micro I/O is dedicated predesigned I/O Module with M12 connection for easy integration with sensors, lights, buzzers etc.  Infinity Client/Module connect to the I/O Module by Ethernet.

See here for the official Micro and Nano documentation. 

Fusion Configuration  

Asset Configuration  

Setting Up the Asset

In Asset Manager, create a new asset

  • Define a name
  • Choose the following properties:

- Asset Type = I/O Module

- Asset Vendor = Desoutter

- Device Type = Nano 6I/6O or Micro 16

All other options within the asset properties are optional however we suggest filling is as much as possible while you're here.

For information about how to create assets and associate assets to stations, please see here

Station Configuration  

  • Click the station where you want to use your I/O Module
  • Navigate to the "Local Assets" sub-menu.
  • Click "Manage Assets" and select your I/O Module asset.
  • Define a zone to be used for this I/O Module on this station.

For information about I/O Module asset's zones, see here

Step Configuration  

  • Click a step which uses I/O such as Digital In, Digital Out, Action Confirmation or Action Monitoring.
  • Define the zone linked to the asset you want to use.
  • Define the input/output to use.
  • Define the expected/desired behaviour for your input/output.

Infinity Client   

Driver Installation   

From version 7.1 of Infinity Client, it is possible use both Desoutter-supplied hardware and hardware not managed by Desoutter at all. The hardware being used will determine the Desoutter I/O Modules available to be used as well as whether it required to install any additional resources. Please check what type of host machine you are using to run Infinity Client below:

Desoutter Supplied Panel PC

If you are using one of the references below then you should not need to install any additional resources. The drivers required for both Micro I/O and Nano I/O should already be installed in the device's image ready to plug and play

Device NameDesoutter Part Number
Infinity Station 17" IOT (v7)615 932 7450
Infinity Station 17" IOT615 932 7420
PPC Infinity 17" Client615 932 7320

Note: Infinity Station(s) 615 932 7320 and 615 932 7420 are no longer available for purchase.

The reference 615 932 7320 does not meet the minimum requirements of v7.1 or higher of Infinity Client. If you are using this reference then you may experience some performance. Please contact support if you wish to change to a newer reference of hardware.

Independent Hardware

If you are using a hardware sourced by yourself or sourced by a supplier other that Desoutter directly then it is only possible to use Micro I/O devices as Nano I/O required a bespoke HD15 connection available only on Desoutter supplied hardware.

Furthermore, it is likely that you will need to install the applicable driver for the Desoutter Micro I/O. To get the applicable driver, please contact support.

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting  

When setting up a Desoutter I/O Module, you may want to test the connection outside of a live process by checking connection statuses, setting output states and monitoring input states. Users can make use of the System Diagnostics and I/O Diagnostics in order to do so.

Feature Management 

From version 7.0 onward, features within the Pivotware software are required to be activated individually. For more information about Feature management, see here

The Infinity Base feature is always required for the Infinity Client application to run. All other listed features must be additionally activated in order to use the functionality described in this article:

Infinity BaseDigital IO*

*Dependent on the I/O Module Asset used.