This Article Applies To:
CVI Net Web 5.0  

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The following article covers the main navigation of the CVI Net Web application interface and how to use areas of the software related to localisation.


1  Launching CVI Net Web

2  CVI Net Web at a glance

2.1  Menu Icons

3  Localisation

Launching CVI Net Web  

  • Open a compatible internet browser and type the address of the machine where the CVI Net Web (Collector) Service is installed.
  • Add the following port number and URL ":8443/CVINetWeb":

For example:

The following browsers are supported by the CVI Net Web application:

Chrome 48 +Firefox 43 +Microsoft Edge Not SupportedOpera Not SupportedInternet Explorer 9 +

After connecting to the CVI Net Web Service successfully, the "Welcome" page is shown.

CVI Net Web at a glance  

1:  Main Navigation - Users can navigate between the different menu types of CVI Net Web.

2:  Application Information - Users can view useful information about their connected CVI Net Web Application installation.

Menu Icons  

See below for the names and uses of each icon in the Main Navigation.

IconMenu NameThis menu is used for...
Resultsviewing collected tightening results.  
Live Resultsviewing collected tightening results + automatically loaded newly collected results.
Curvesviewing tightening curve data.
Reportsgenerating graphical reports.
Statisticscreating advanced statistical analyses.
User Infoviewing user info messages received from tool controllers
Assembly Processviewing collected assembly process traceability
Languageschanging the display language for CVI Net Web
Date Formatchanging the date format of any dates display in CVI Net Web
Settingsaltering settings regarding traceability collection, user management, notification management and more


To accommodate different language and date requirements, users can change their display language for menus in CVI Net Web and the format in which any dates are shown on-screen.

To alter these settings, click the respective buttons shown in the main navigation bar.