This Article Applies From:
CVI Fusion 6.6
Infinity Client 6.12
Infinity Module 6.19
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The following articles explains how to deploy configurations to Infinity Client and Infinity Modules devices from CVI Fusion


1  Deploying Infinity Configurations

2  Applying Infinity Configurations

Deploying Infinity Configurations  

  • Open Configuration Manager
  • Open an existing project

All Infinity Client stations that been created inside of the project are listed in the main workspace with their designated IP Address.

  • Select a station or a individual part of a station's configuration.
  • Click "Deploy to station" to attempt to send the configuration to the defined IP Address
  • Click "Deploy to local folder" to deploy to a locally accessible folder

Green tick icons indicate that a deployment was successful

As of 6.19 it is possible to deploy Infinity Modules in the same way as described above. Use the tabs at the bottom-left of the main workspace to swap between deploying module and process project devices.

Applying Infinity Configurations  

When a new configuration is detected by Infinity Client, the top bar of the HMI flashes ready to notify user that a new configuration can be applied.

  • To apply the new configuration, click the Infinity logo in the top-left hand corner of the HMI.

  • Click "Apply New Process".

As of 6.19 it is possible to apply Infinity Module Configurations in the same way as described above.

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