Pivotware V8.3.3 has now been released !

We are pleased to announce the Pivotware V8.3.3 has now been released !

Feature wise, it now allows (as promised with version 8.3.1 announcement) the newest Run Command step to wait for input data before moving to the next step in the process.

As a consequence, depending on your specific needs:

- Either the Run Command step only launches an external command / program then proceed to the next step.

- Or the Run Command step waits for some feedback from the command / program launched before proceeding to the next step. To achieve this, simply check the Wait for Result checkbox, specify a time-out value (i.e. how long the step shall wait before raising an error) and whether the result should be saved for traceability purpose.
Note: result will be saved in text format.

Results saved via the Run Command step can furthermore be accessed in subsequent step (alongside the command sent).

Feel free to contact us should you require access to this latest version, or to get more details about the feature.

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