This article serves to give instructions on how to install CVI3 Series Controllers (CVI3 Essential, CVI3 Function, CVI3 Vision and TWINCVI3).


1  Mounting

1.1  Wall Mounting Installation

1.2  Wall Mounting Removal

2  Power Supply

2.1  Connecting the Power Supply

2.2  Powering ON/OFF the Device

3  Networking


Wall Mounting Installation  

The wall-mounting kit for CVI3 is a removable mounting device that attaches the rear of CVI3 Series controllers allowing them to be easily wall mounted.

The drilling template below allows you to properly measure where the wall-mounting kit will be mounted.

CVI3 Essential / CVI3 Function / CVI3 VIsion Wall Mounting Kit (6153976315)

TWINCVI3 Wall Mounting Kit (6158118970)

After having marked out where the wall-mounting kit will be mounted, secure the mounting kit to the back of the CVI3 controller(1) and to the desired mounting surface(2) as seen below.

Once the wall-mount kit is firmly secured on the wall or other desired surface, place the CVI3 Controller(3) as follows:

  1. Position the top of CVI3's rear against the wall-mounting kit so that the rear slots fit into the lifting lugs of the kit.
  2. Lower the CVI3 controller into the wall-mounted portion of the kit.

Wall Mounting Removal  

  1. Power off the CVI3 controller
  2. For safety, unplug all connected cables.

Once the device is ready to be removed from it's mounted position. remove the CVI3 Tool Controller as follows:

  1. Lift the CVI3 Controller by it's lower portion, it will swing upwards allowing space between the read of the device and wall mounting kit.
  2. Lift the entire CVI3 upwards and outwards, the lifting lugs of the kit should come out from the wall mounting kit in the same way they went in.

Power Supply  

Connecting the Power Supply  

Connect the applicable power cord to Fig 1. Ensure that an applicable voltage is supplied for the CVI3 Controller in use.

Powering ON/OFF the Device  

  1. Push the GFI yellow button located on the bottom panel to check the earthing of the controller has been correctly wired. The controller should turned off. Switch the GFI blue interrupter to the ON position.
  2. On the front panel, use the ON/OFF switch to power for the controller on and off as needed.
ON Position
OFF Position


For more information about network setup and configuration on the CVI3 Tool Controller Series, see our full article here.

By default, all models of CVI3 Tool Controller Series have their Ethernet 1 and 2 adapters/networks grouped together as "Ethernet 1".

AdapterDefault IP AddressDefault Subnet MaskDefault SSIDDefault Password
Ethernet 1192.168.5.212255.255.255.0N/aN/a