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CVI Fusion 6.0
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The following article covers how to create variants inside of the variant manager facility and how to associate these variants to particular steps in an Infinity station process.


1  Creating Variants

2  Associating Variants to a step

Creating Variants  

  • Open Variant Manager.
  • Create a new or open an existing project.
  • Click the Variant Item tab in the bottom right-hand corner.

  • Click "New Variant"

After clicking on "New Variant" you will see the Variant Details load on the property workspace.

From this menu you can define what this variant represents such as the type of material to use, the colour, a standard to follow or something else.

Click "Save Variant" to add your asset configuration to your project. It will shown in the main workspace.

  • Once a variant is listed in your main workspace, you can click in one of the columns to the right of the variant name in order to define what the format of this variant is.
  • Click one of the columns in your variant.

After clicking on a column of an exising variant you will see the Variant Details load on the property workspace with an added sub-menu available where criteria can be defined.

  • Click "Add Criteria" to begin defining the data that can exist in this character position to identify this type of variant.
  • Click "Save" to add this criteria to your main workspace.

Associating Variants to a step  

  • Open Process Manager
  • Create a new or open an existing project.
  • Create a new or click on an existing step
  • In the step properties, open the "Variants" sub-menu

  • Here you can define which variants apply to which steps in your process