This Article Applies To:
CVI Net Web 3.6  


The following article explains how to manage first log in to CVI Net Web so that it can be correctly administered and used. 


1  Administrator Logon

2  Changing the Administrator Password

Administrator Logon 

By default, CVI Net Web cannot be used without providing user credentials. When logged out, all buttons on the main navigation are disabled.

By default, an administrator account is already set-up on installation with the following credentials:

  • Username = admin
  • Password = admin

Click on Log in and enter these details to access CVI Net Web. After logging in, you will notice that your login information is displayed and the Logout button is now available:

Whilst logged in as 'admin' you have full access rights to the software and can change all settings.

Changing the Administrator Password 

To change the administrator account's password

  • Click this icon

  • Navigate to "Change your password"

  • Type the original admin password, type the new password your want to use

  • Click 'Save'.