This Article Applies From:
CVI Fusion 7.0
Infinity Client 7.0
Infinity Module 7.0
Core Services 7.0
DeMeter --
CVI Net Web --


The following article explain how to manage Desoutter UV and features that can be activated/deactivated within the Pivotware platform.


1  Overview

1.1  Base Functionality

1.2  Additional Functionality

1.3  Management of Features & UV

2  Feature Management

2.1  Understanding the Menu

2.2  Managing Individual Features

2.3  Feature List

2.4  Feature Expiry 

3  UV Management

3.1  Rebalancing UV

3.2  Demo UV

4  Infinity User Interface


Feature Management (FM) is a modular licensing model allowing customers to pick and choose the features in Desoutter software that are required for their installation. They pay only for the activated features instead of paying for the entire product and only using a certain percentage of it.

In order to activate a Desoutter software, a RIM must be attached to the hardware where the product is installed. In order to activate an Infinity Client device, a P'RIM is required.

By default, 0 UV are loaded onto a RIM meaning only the Infinity Base feature is activated. If more UV are added to the RIM by use of rebalancing then other features can also be activated in an Infinity configuration.

Base Functionality  

If a P'RIM has been inserted into an Infinity Client device then a base level of functionality is enabled without the addition of extra UV on the P'RIM. See here for a list of functionality that is enabled in Infinity Client without additional UV being added to an attached P'RIM.

Type of FunctionalityFunctionalityDescriptionCondition
GeneralProcess WritingUsers can create stations, steps and organise process flows that will be run on Infinity Client devices. Limited to only "Fixed" process style
Variant ConfigurationUsers can use variants in their Infinity Client configuration(s) to determine whether or not to filter steps based on presented build data.
Lookup ConfigurationUsers can use lookup tables in their Infinity Client configuration(s) to dynamically fill properties within their processes.
Screen Appearance ConfigurationUsers can configure the screen messages and media present on steps in their Infinity Client configuration(s).
Accessibility ConfigurationUsers can define which users can access Infinity Client devices. They can also define the methods of access and contextually define their permissions.
Assisting DocumentationUsers can attach documentation to stations and/or steps that may be useful to Infinity Client users.
Build Data ConfigurationUsers can define the source of their UID's, Sequence Numbers and variant information.
Display ConfigurationUsers have access to the standard display options available for Infinity Client configurations
Production UsageProduction Timer ConfigurationUsers can define their stations TAKT Time and/or Cycle TIme as well as being able to define time allowed for individual steps.
I/O Event Monitoring ConfigurationUsers can activate or react to I/O signals based on events that occur in Infinity Client/their production environmentLimited to use with Infinity Nano I/O.
Operator CallsUsers can activate or react to call made or raised Infinity Client in order to better integrate with their production environmentLimited to use with Infinity Nano I/O.
Step TypesAction ConfirmationUsers can ask for an OK/NOK feedback from the Infinity Client user or from connected I/O.Limited to use with Infinity Nano I/O.
Action Data InUsers can retrieve some data to use in the process from a peripheral or third-party.Limited to use with USB only.
Action Digital InUsers can wait for a required condition on a connected I/O Module's inputs.Limited to use with Infinity Nano I/O
Action Digital OutUsers can activate a defined state for an connected I/O Module's outputsLimited to use with Infinity Nano I/O
Action PrinterUsers can print a document from their Infinity client device containing process data.
Action SelectionUsers can present an on-screen multiple choice response to their a Infinity Client users.
Action ToolUsers can present a batch of tightening to their Infinity Client user that are required to be done within the process.Limited to use with a CONNECT Industrial Smart Hub

Additional Functionality  

Any functionality not described inside our base functionality must be configured inside of an Infinity Client configuration and be acknowledged as a used feature inside of CVI Fusion's Feature Manager. The activated features inside of each configuration will determines the amount of UV expected to be present on the P'RIM that connected to deployed Infinity Client device.

To buy an e-Wallet containing UV, contact our support team here and they'll ask your local contact to get in touch. Alternatively, you can contact you local team directly by mail or phone.

To find a full list of available features and their included functionalities. See here

Management of Features & UV  

In order to see and manage features that have been added/acknowledged in a configuration. Open the Feature Manager menu in CVI Fusion. After opening the feature manager menu, we can see all stations within the opened process project and the features that are being used within their current configuration.

The feature manager menu has two purposes:

  • To manage features - Allow users to acknowledge features are used within a configuration and therefore allocate connected UV to that functionality.
  • To manage UV - Allow users rebalance UV between different RIM and e-Wallets devices in order allocate UV where required in a production environment.

Feature Management  

Understanding the Menu  

By checking a station inside of Feature manager, we can see the following information:

  • Feature = A feature that is being used inside of the station's configuration.
  • Status = The status of the corresponding feature:
ActiveThe corresponding feature has been activated by a user. It will consume the amount of UV defined in 'UV' on the Infinity Client device's connected P'RIM.
Not ActiveThe corresponding feature has not been activated by a user. It will not consume the amount of UV defined in 'UV' on the Infinity Client device's connected P'RIM. The functionality will not run on the Infinity Client device.
AvailableThe corresponding feature is not being used within the station's current configuration but is allocated on the Infinity Client device's connected P'RIM.
  • UV = The amount of UV required to be assigned in order to run the corresponding feature
  • Action = Allows users to assign or unassign UV/demo UV to the corresponding feature


Under the 'Station Information' Pane, users can see information about the P'RIM plugged into their Infinity Client device. and how the activation/deactivation of features will alter the number of UV available etc. To get the latest information about UV available, in-use etc on a station, click on "Refresh P'RIM State from remote station".

When a user clicks on "Refresh P'RIM State from remote station", CVI Fusion will attempt to contact the Infinity Client over the network and request the current state of the connected P'RIM including:

  • Total UV loaded on to the P'RIM
  • Total UV that has been assigned to features
  • Total UV not being used by any features
  • Total UV required by the features currently in use on the Infinity station
  • Demo UV availability and usage

Managing Individual Features  

To activate a feature using UV, click on this icon:
To deactivate a feature using UV, click on this icon:

After a feature has been activated, the "Assigned UV" inside of "Station UV Counter Details" will increase accordingly. The status for the feature will also change to "Active".

After all features have been activated and deactivated as required, click 'Save Process Project" to ensure there is no difference in the expected features activated and what is deployed to the station.

Feature List  

A full list of feature is available inside of the feature manager of CVI Fusion.

You can click on the information icon in order  to view information about the feature such as it's usage, version compatibility and cost in UV. If you click the information of a feature inside of a station then you will also be able to see the initial activation date.

Feature Expiry  

It is important to note that features are locked and cannot be deactivated three years after their initial activation date

For example, if you activate a feature on 31 January 2020 and leave it activated for 3 years. From February, 2023 it will be locked and you will not be able to deactivate the functionality in feature manager for this P'RIM. If the feature is deactivated at the three year mark (31 January 2020) then the next time it is activated it will become locked.

UV Management  

When the Infinity Client application starts, it checks the host device for a connected P'RIM. If a P'RIM is found then Infinity Client will open and allow the use of the Base Functionality. If additional functionality is also found to be used and/or activated in the Infinity Client configuration then the amount of required UV needs to also have been added to the connected P'RIM.

Rebalancing UV  

In order to add or remove UV from a P'RIM, the rebalancing menu (inside of Feature Manager) needs to be used. The rebalancing menu is used to move UV between different P'RIM and eWallet devices.

  • After opening the rebalancing menu, CVI Fusion will search the host device for a connected P'RIM and a connected e-Wallet.
  • Once you have selected the connected P'RIM and a connected e-Wallet between which you want to transfer UV, click Next

  • From this screen you can define how much UV should be on each device. You choose to transfer either real UV or demo UV.

  • Once you are satisfied with your selection, click on 'Apply Rebalancing" to alter the levels of UV in your selected devices.

  • The rebalancing is complete once this screen shows the following message.

Demo UV  

Demo UV are UV that can be supplied by Desoutter person(s) so that functionality in Desoutter product can be trialed for a period of 91 days before expiring. They function in the same way as normal UV but when they expire they are not usable anymore instead of simply being locked.

For more information about trialing functionality, contact our support team here and they'll ask your local contact to get in touch. Alternatively, you can contact you local team directly by mail or phone.

Infinity User Interface  

After all configuration has been done in CVI Fusion and everything has been deployed to Infinity Client, there a number of error messages that can appear relating to feature management. See below:

IconError MessageCauseOutcomeResolution
P'RIM disconnectedNo P'RIM has been detected by the Infinity Client Application.Infinity Client Application is unlicensed and therefore locked.Insert a P'RIM into the Infinity Client Device.
P'RIM not correctly initializedConnected P'RIM was detected but failed to initialize.
Infinity Client Application cannot check license and is therefore locked.
- Check that there is no conflict of Demo UV and normal UV in feature manager.
- Contact Desoutter Support if the P'RIM appears to be faulty.
Not Enough UVFeatures marked as 'Active' in feature manager equate to more UV than is present on the connected P'RIM
Infinity Client cannot determine which functionality are more important to the use therefore the application is locked until the conflict is resolved.Add more UV to the P'RIM or remove functionality from the station's configuration to lower the amount of required UV.
Following features are not active:The UV detected on the connected P'RIM equate to more than is required for all features required in the station but have not been acknowledged
Infinity Client application is unlocked and will run. Unacknowledged functionality will not execute and will show an error to notify user.Mark "Not Active" features as "Active" in feature manager.