The following article explains how to upgrade the firmware of CVI3 Series Tool Controllers


1  Upgrade Procedure

1.1 CVI3 Essential / CVI Function

1.2 CVI3 Vision / TWINCVI3

Upgrade Procedure 

To get a download link for the latest firmware version, contact support

  • Place the firmware files on the root directory of a USB memory stick.
  • Plug this USB memory stick into the front USB port of the CVI3 Controller

CVI3 Essential / CVI Function 

  • On the controller keypad, press the "Escape" button to enter the "Control Mode"
  • Press "Enter" until the USB menu is available
  • Choose "Upgrade SW"

  • Press "Enter" to Validate

CVI3 Vision / TWINCVI3 

Click the Main Menu icon
  • Navigate to "Maintenance > Controller > USB"
  • Select "Upgrade SW"

  • Choose 'Yes' to apply the firmware version found on the connected USB key
  • Choose 'No' to cancel the application of the firmware version

If CVI3 firmware is not found on the inserted USB device the message here will be show to the user. Use the directional arrows for further information.