The following article explains how to save logs, configuration and tooling results from the Connect - Industrial Smart Hub.


1  CVI3 Vision / TWIN CVI3

1.1  Procedure

2  CVI3 Essential / CVI3 Function

2.1  Procedure 

CVI3 Vision / TWIN CVI3  


  • Plug a USB memory stick into the front USB port of the CVI3 Controller
Click the Main Menu icon

Navigate to "Maintenance > Controller > USB Key > Save"

  • Select the required files
  • Save the selected files by tapping the save button  in the bottom right-hand corner

CVI3 Essential / CVI3 Function  


  • On the controller keypad, press the "Escape" button to enter the main menu. You should see "Control Mode" like here:
  • Use the up and down directional arrows navigate the main menu until you reach "USB".

  • Use the Enter key to enter this menu.
  • From this menu you can save the results, logs and configuration to an inserted USB key.