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DeMeter 2.1  


The following article explains how to save the configuration and logs of the DeMeter Service(s).


1  DeMeter Service

1.1  Configuration

1.2  Logs

DeMeter Service 


The configuration file for the DeMeter Service is stored at the following address:


However, the easiest way to make a backup without interfering with the running service(s) is to do the following:

  • Open the Demeter Configurator
  • Open the "Home" menu from navigation menu
  • Click "Load" to ensure you have the most current configuration being used by the service loaded in your browser.
  • Click "Export"


The easiest method of retrieving logs from DeMeter is to use the diagnostics menu available within the DeMeter Configurator.

After having entered any of the menus available inside of Diagnostics, the "Export All Logs" button should be available.

Click "Export All Logs" to save all the logs file in one zipped folder at a defined location.

In event that the Desoutter Configurator is not available, a DRIM is not detected or additional logs are required; the default location for all DeMeter log files is:


Logs for each sub-service can be found at the following locations:

Desoutter DeMeter


Desoutter DeMeter BI


Desoutter DeMeter DB


Desoutter FMService#