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CVI Fusion 6.23
Infinity Client 6.23
Infinity Module 6.23


The following article explains how to configure I/O Module Asset in Pivotware using Modbus TCP/IP so that a Moxa ioLogik E1212 can be managed by an Infinity Client or Infinity Module device.


1  Moxa ioLogik E1212 Configuration

1.1  Wiring the Moxa ioLogik E1212

1.2  Accessing the Moxa ioLogik E1212

1.3  Modifying the Moxa ioLogik E1212 Register Mapping

2  CVI Fusion Configuration

2.1  Asset Creation

2.2  Asset Use and Managementn

Moxa ioLogik E1212 Configuration  

The Moxa ioLogik is just one device within the Moxa ioLogik E1200 Series. Other devices within the series will likely work and be configured in the same or in a similar way but they may require a different mapping or additional settings.

Wiring the Moxa ioLogik E1212  

Information about wiring can be found within the Moxa ioLogik E1200 Series User Manual

The important thing to note when using a Moxa ioLogik E1212 is that the default can either be wired to use either of the following configurations:

  • 8 inputs / 8 outputs
  • 16 inputs only

The Moxa ioLogik E1212 appears to automatically detect which mode it is being used for. It is important that we know in which mode we intend to use the device because it alters the required mapping to be imported into our Pivotware software(s).

Accessing the Moxa ioLogik E1212  

The Moxa ioLogik E1212 can be accessed by web browser or by using Moxa's software ioSearch which can be downloaded here.

Accessing the Moxa ioLogik E1212 using ioSearch   

  • After having downloaded the software package from Moxa, install ioSearch
  • Connect an Ethernet cable between your PC and the Moxa ioLogik E1212
  • Ensure your PC's ethernet port set to use DHCP rather than a static IP Address
  • Run ioSearch
  • Click Start Search to autosearch for all ioLogik controllers that are reachable. They are identifiable by their MAC Address.
  • After the search has finished, all reachable device will be listed and able to be configured at a basic level. 

You will need to access the device using the web browser to alter more advanced setting such as the register mapping however from ioSearch you can alter the IP Address to suit your needs.

To change the device's IP Address or other settings, you will need to right-click on the Moxa ioLogik you wish to modify and choose "Unlock" first. The default password is "moxa". 

Accessing the Moxa ioLogik E1212 using a web browser   

  • Connect an Ethernet cable between your PC and the Moxa ioLogik E1212
  • The default IP Address of Moxa ioLogik E1212 is Ensure your PC's ethernet port set to a static IP Address within the range
  • Open your web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc) and type into the address bar.
  • You will be asked for a password. The default password is "moxa".

From the web browser, you can alter settings including register mapping and IP Address.

Modifying the Moxa ioLogik E1212 Register Mapping  

  • Access the Moxa ioLogik by web browser and log in to the device
  • Take note on the Overview page of how many channels you have:

On this example (not an E1212), there are 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and 4 analog inputs. On a Moxa ioLogik E1212 you will only see one of the two set ups based on your wiring:

  • 8 digital inputs / 8 digital outputs
  • 16 digital inputs only

Once noted, click on "User-defined Modbus Addressing" to open the current register mapping. It will look something like below:

  • Use the collumn "User-Defined Start Address (DEC) to find the record containing 0048. 
  • Ensure that the "Function Code" for this row is set to 03:HOLDING REGISTER
  • Save/Submit your Changes at the bottom of the window.
  • The device should now be ready for use in Pivotware

CVI Fusion Configuration  

Asset Creation  

  • Open CVI Fusion
  • Open Asset Manager
  • Open/Create your required project
  • Click New Asset
  • In Asset Type and Asset Vendor, select the following "IO Modue > Other IO Module"
  • In IO Type, select "Modbus TCP/IP"
  • Define the IP Address of your Moxa ioLogik E1212
  • Import your required Modbus Mapping (see attached to article at bottom of page)

Which Modbus Mapping should I use?   

If you're device has been wired to use 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs then use:

MoxaE1212-Conf - 8I8O.csv

If you're device has been wired to use 16 digital inputs then use:

MoxaE1212-Conf - 16I.csv

Both mappings can be found attached to the bottom of the article to be downloaded.

Asset Use and Management  

Once all above configuration has taken place and the asset has been made in Asset Manager, all the configuration continues as normal. The device is linked to a station as a local asset and then treated like a zone.

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