Pivotware 7.12.5 - New lookup deployment mechanism from Fusion, Major Fixes & more

A new major version of Pivotware just released. See here for the latest additions. 

Pivotware 7.12 contains plenty of features important to your production! 

Upgrade the DB’s schema version

A new schema version of the SQL database is now required from release 7.9. Make sure you use the latest one: If not, please use the upgrade script.

New deployment is required

After upgrading an Infinity Station, a new deployment is required from the latest version of CVI Fusion to ensure that the current configuration is not seen as corrupted.

Internal protections prevent software to start

When COR_ENABLE_PROFILING environment variable is set to 1, Pivotware software will not start. Please check that variable if a software doesn’t start.

New Features  

New lookup deployment mechanism from Fusion

From this version the Fusion mechanism to deploy process with lookups evolve. This has been done to reduce the number of generated steps.

Before each row from the lookup files was generating a step. With the new mechanism, when several rows contain the same data on all the columns for different variants, only 1 step, linked to several variants, is generated.

Such improvement can considerably reduce the number of steps withing a deployed process which will help the applications at different levels: 

  • Fusion spends less time to deploy the process,
  • Infinity spends less time to load the process,
  • Infinity spends less time to filter the steps during the cycle
  • Infinity spends less time to pass from a cycle to another
  • Infinity spends less time to park or restore a cycle
  • Etc

Optional Message ID for Action TCP/IP Step

In first versions of the Action TCP/IP step, the Message ID parameter was mandatory to follow the specifications of the TCP/IP Pivotware protocol. Having to set up a Message ID was limiting the use of such step. 

The Action TCP/IP step has been enhanced and the Message ID becomes now optional. 

Use CVI Fusion to configure an Action TCP/IP step without Message ID by switching the Message ID toggle off:

Then, InfinityClient will generate the TCP frame by using only the configured Message Data. In previous versions, when using a Message ID, InfinityClient could wait for a reply from the TCP server. This reply had to be composed with the exact same Message ID. Since the Message ID is now optional, if ‘Wait For Reply’ is set, then InfinityClient will consider any TCP frame as a valid answer (except messages that start with a reserved Message ID: keep alive or alerts). 

Passive setup of InfinityClient and InfinityModule

It’s possible to passively run the setup of InfinityClient and InfinityModule. Do to so, run the setup (using any scripts or command line tool) using following arguments:

PASSIVE: the setup will be displayed on screen, but will not require any interaction to proceed the installation/upgrade

AUTORESTART: InfinityClient or InfinityModule are automatically restarted after the installation.


It’s then possible to call the setup remotely by using extra administration software (for example: “PsExec”): 

Such command installs Infinity Client on the remote target, silently, passively without interaction nor setup HMI. 

Positioning mode: Relative X/Y Translation + Z Rotation

The version 7.12.5 comes with the support of a new Positioning mode: ‘Relative X/Y + Z Rotation’. This mode is based on the ‘Relative X/Y’ mode and bring the Z Rotation as a new degree of freedom.

‘Positioning mode’ can be set up in the asset configuration:

  • Standard: Infinity controls that the tightening positions are exactly at the same coordinates that you previous learned. This mode is used when the part to tighten has always the same position regarding the position arm on the workstation
  • Relative X/Y: It allows the customer to use positioning system even if the part to tighten does not stop every time at the same location. The 1st tightening position is not controlled and is necessary to determine the position offset for all other positions. The part movement allowed is only parallel to X&Y axis, no rotation is allowed.
  • Relative X/Y Translation + Z Rotation: As for Relative X/Y but a Z rotation is allowed on the part. The 1st tightening position is not controlled and is necessary to determine the position offset for all other positions. The 2nd position is only controlled based on the distance regarding the 1st position; but the angle is not controlled. After this 2nd tightening, Infinity exactly knows the position and Z-rotation of the part and can control the positions of all the next tightening.

This configuration setting is available in the Positioning arm asset (in Asset Manager menu)

Bug Fixes 

Infinity takes too much time to move from one step to another step

When a heavy process (more than 5k steps) was loaded into InfinityClient, it could take lot of time to switch from a step to the next one. Moreover, this translation time was increasing all along the process execution.

Using the new version of InfinityClient improves performances of the process execution.

CVI Fusion becomes very slow (not responding) when using "Copy Item(s)" feature

When started having a lot of step, CVI Fusion is suffering of very bad performances and becoming slow. 

Using the new version of CVI Fusion improves performances of the “Copy Item(s)” feature.

Logic Decision step parameter is not saved

The Logic Decision parameters were not correctly saved and when selecting another step and coming back to that step, modifications were undone. 

Using the new version of CVI Fusion fixes this issue.

Operation Status is Failed on Tracker while it should be Passed

InfinityClient could send a wrong status (Fail instead of Pass) to tracker when the Update Tracker step was defined in Step Range mode.

Using the new version of InfinityClient fixes this issue.

Timed out alert with Action TCP/IP step in case of Skip/Scrap/Retry/Go Back

When the Action TCP/IP step was canceled before receiving an response from the TCP Server (doing a Skip, Scrap, Retry or Go Back), then a timeout alert was raised. This alert had not purpose in such a situation.

Using the new version of InfinityClient fixes this issue.

Custom Plugin error - TCP Plugin

After updating to v7.10.3 it seems like the data in the plugin can't get retrieved by logic text function steps.

Using the new versions of CVI Fusion and InfinityClient fixes this issue.

Infinity can crash/freeze when Parking then Restoring a process

In case of having a huge Park & Restore database, InfinityClient could suffer of very bad performances. An upgrade of the feature and the database have been made and as usual when upgrading to a new version, the existing Park & Restore will not be compatible. Therefore, to improve performances, InfinityClient is deleting this old database. Please backup it if you think you may downgrade InfinityClient and use the old database.

Group are displayed in the report even if none of their steps were executed

Cycle reports were displaying every group no matter if their steps were executed or not. In some situation, especially when steps were filtered out, groups were still displayed in reports.

Using the new versions of CVI Fusion fixes this issue.

Cycle is discarded after restart and final steps are run through although they are deselected

When InfinityClient was restarted, the Finalize steps could be initialized whereas the ‘Always Run Finalize Steps” option was not set.

Using the new versions of InfinityClient fixes this issue.

In Action Tool step, when a "Desoutter" asset is used, "Advanced settings" are not available

The ‘Advanced settings’ section of an Action Tool step could not be visible when using Desoutter asset.

Using the new versions of CVI Fusion fixes this issue.

Deploying a process with several station takes lot of time

The deployment time of CVI Fusion has been improved.

Using the new versions of CVI Fusion fixes this issue.

Fusion is often slow when adding steps to a Group or Station of when saving step

The manipulation of steps in the Process Manager menu of CVI Fusion has been enhanced and CVI Fusion executes operations faster than before.

Using the new versions of CVI Fusion fixes this issue.


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