Pivotware V8.3.1 has now been released

Pivotware V8.3.1 has now been released.

It brings the following features:

Run Command Step:

Pivotware now allows you to execute a specific command during a process execution.

As a result, it is possible to create your own script using your favourite programming language to expand on the InfinityClient capabilities.

The Feature cost is 10UV per station (the same as for the use of a Plug-In).


1- The process will not wait for a result from the command to carry on: as a consequence, it is not yet possible to retrieve a result from the step. However, this is already under development, so please stay tuned for any update on this.

2- You may need to install on the Panel PC specific libraries supporting your programming language. So be sure to take this under consideration while developing your very own solution.

Nexonar Laser: 

Pivotware can now make a finer use of the Nexonar laser: from now on, only the next bolt will be highlighted by the laser during an Action Tool Step rather than all of them.

Plug-In Translation: 

Infinity now sends to any Plug-In the language selected at the station. As a consequence, the plug-in will now use this selection to adapt its displays...

Note, however, that your Plug-In will need to be updated to make use of the feature.

Feel free to contact us should you require this new version, or should you have any question

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