Pivotware V8.2.2 has been released

The latest Pivotware version has now been released !

Before running the upgrade, note that the process model has been updated: a process created with version 8.2.2 will not be downward compatible for CVIFusion version 8.1 and below.
However, CVIFusion 8.2.2 will be able to load a process to InfinityClient version running below 8.2.2 : if you feel unsure, please contact your remote software support team

The following features have been added:

1- Operator Calls can now be retrieved from DeMeter: with this release of Pivotware and DeMeter release 2.9, it is possible to fully configure the Operator Calls in DeMeter and have any Pivotware station retrieve them for use. To achive this:

  • A new setting is available in CVIFusion to setup the Operator Call source from the Station tab.
    The setting lets you specify the IP address of the data source, and its port: this is usually the DeMeter server IP address, and 80 for the default API port (unless you are using HTTPS, in which case the secure port is 443 by default). The Use HTTPS toggle button must be On whenever you have installed a Certificate in DeMeter.
    For additional information on how to check then change DeMeter port settings, be sure to check our updated  DeMeter Installation  article.
    For additional information on how to install a certificate for DeMeter, be sure to check our article on  how to install a certificate.
  • A second setting, still in the Station Tab, need to be checked in the Operator Calls field: Manage from DeMeter.
  • A new setting is also available in DeMeter to setup the various Alerts: check our article DeMeter Alerts and Operator call configuration and use to know more.

2- Data Out to an Open Protocol Asset: it is now possible to send an identifier to a connected Asset outside of a tightening step. To do so:

  • Add an Action Data Out step.
  • In the Action Data Out properties select as a destination Asset.
  • Select the asset you wish to send data to.
  • Select the data to send.
    The information will be sent to the selected asset either via MID 50 (older hardware equipment) or MID 150 (newer equipment).

The following features have been improved:

1- Using credential for Remote Steps and Station documents: it is now possible to provide credentials whenever access to remote document for either a Step or a Station is required.
The purpose of the improvement is to avoid into running in an issue where local credentials do not match remote credentials.

2- Comment on Deviation Reporting: comments and free comments are now visible in the traceability when configured on the station. They will be separated by a "|".

3- Select the data position from a plugin step result: it is now possible to use a specific result from a plugin in a subsequent step by selecting its position within the results.

Some other improvements have also been made to avoid issues :
- Handling big pictures for the first time.

- Overall process speed.

- Process deployment causing the Infinity Client to sit idle.

- Correction to the handling of RS232 Card Readers.

- Handling the socket trays.

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Following the release of version 8.2.2, and the new model deployed for the projects, note that CVIFusion may be slow when opening a project created in an early revision of the software.

This can be explained by the fact that the project needs to be fully converted to the new model before being used.

This slow-down will only happen once when opening the project, but not on the subsequent access to a converted project.

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