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DeMeter 2.7


This article lists the hardware and operating system requirements for installing DeMeter.

DeMeter requirements

Minimum Configuration (*)Recommended configuration
CPUSpeed (GHz)2
Cores8 (**)
RAM (GB)32 (***)N/A
Ethernet portsNumber2 (****) 
Speed (Mb/s)
1000 (*****)N/A
Disk space1 TBN/A
USB Ports1 (for DRIM)
Operating systemsDesktop OSN/A
Server OSWindows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
.Net Version5

(*): These recommendations are given as starting point. Key factors to be considered whenever working with DeMeter are related to:
- Overall number of connectors.
- Connector type in- use.
- The TAKT time.
- …

It should be considered good practice to monitor over a month the system to ensure system performances are sufficient. This is especially true for virtual machines whose characteristics can easily be upgraded.

Please contact the support team should you require any help in monitoring the system performances
: Two cores are allocated to RavenDB for database handling – 2 cores are dedicated for retrieving and cataloguing data. Other cores are necessary to handle data connection to the various connectors setup in your installation.
: RAM memory is fundamental since live information is going to be displayed directly from said memory before writing to the RavenDB.

(****): it is advised to use one port for data recovery, and another one for configuring / consulting DeMeter.
(*****): Ensure that your factory’s network backbone also operates at 1Gb/s (minimum).