New DeMeter release 2.9.6 now available

DeMeter release 2.9.6 is now available.

It brings the following new features:

Curve overlap:

It is now possible to select several curves to overlap in a single view. 

Each curve can be selected to be highlighted either from the curve view, or from the Result menu on the right handside.

DeMeter Tightening Results API:

An API is now available in DeMeter to retrieve the tightening results associated to a VIN.

This feature is further detailed in the following article:  Desoutter Industrial Tools : DeMeter Tightening Results Public API: an overview ( , so feel free to have a look at it and revert back to us should you have any further information.

Manage Operator calls in DeMeter:

Operator call for Pivotware can now be created in DeMeter directly then retrieved by the Pivotware stations on your line.

In order to further discover this feature, be sure to read through the following articles:

- For DeMeter setup:  Desoutter Industrial Tools : DeMeter Alerts and Operator call configuration and use ( .

- For Pivotware setup:  Desoutter Industrial Tools : How to setup PivotWare to retrieve useful data in DeMeter ( .

License free DeMeter Collector and Open Protocol Adapter:

It is not necessary anymore, to retrieve Open Protocol Data to have a valid CVINet OP Adaptor valid license to retrieve the tightening results via Open Protocol.

Note, though, that this requires both DeMeter Collector and Open Protocol Adaptor to be upgraded.

Please refer to the DeMeter Installation Procedure for further details about the version compatibility, but also the installation procedure.

Note that the following features have also been modified:

- Duplicated widgets have been merged into a single entry: this applies for those widgets that could be applied for Process Control and Tightening results both.

- It is now possible to customise the Widget Title.

Feel free to reach out to your remote software support team for further details.

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