Pivotware 7.3 - Infinity ZERO, Ignition Compatibility, Prevailing Torque & more

A new major version of Pivotware was just released. See here  for the latest additions. 

New Features

Infinity ZERO

User of Infinity Client v6.X can now purchase a specific reference of P'RIM in order to upgrade their stations and retain all used functionality without the need of using feature management. To find out more information, contact your local contact

Ignition Compatibility

Compatibility with Ignition system has been added to Infinity. To activate the communication with this system, one must activate ‘Ignition’ service in the Fusion CORE Comms menu of CVI Fusion. Once the communication with Ignition is established, Infinity starts to send following data:

- Connected Users

- Current and Previous Cycle data (UID, SEQ, DATA, Metrics, Status)

This newly available “Ignition” feature costs 6 UV to activate.

Prevailing Compensated Torque

Prevailing Compensated Torque data is now stored in the Pivotware database for tools working with Open Protocol connections using MID 0061(rev 6) for tightening results. The prevailing torque can then be recovered on doing a CSV Export of a cycle containing the data or by reusing the data in as a previous step result. 

Bug Fixes

SQLite DB better protected from expected shutdown

When expectedly closing Infinity Client or Infinity Module, a corruption of its local SQLite database could occur leading to lose of data (Builder and Tracker’s operations, Build and Tracker’s shared data, Infinity Client’s ticket list, Infinity Client’s counters, etc).

No update of the status of the asset into the System Diagnostic interface

When a disconnection of the tool occurred, Infinity was not seeing it correctly and the tool was not automatically re-initialized once the connection was re-established.

Core Service icon shows connection, although there is no connection

Due to issue during the deployment of the process, CORE Service were not always able reconnect to the station correctly. As a result, Infinity Client was not connected despite an icon showing an active connection.

Apply new process wasn’t working when Engine was connected

Connected to Core Engine, Infinity could sometimes become unresponsive during a process update.

Devices are duplicated in the System Diagnostics after deployment

After deployment, Infinity Client was sometimes displaying symbols such as core engine, tracker, etc. twice.

Infinity still shows contact with the control without network cables

After a deployment, or due to network issues, a tool could be seen as connected without real connection.

Infinity Client sometimes does not close properly exiting the program

Due to other issues (see above fixes), Infinity could not be completely close after existing the program and the process remained started.

For more information about the new functionality or bug fixes, please contact support here 

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