Pivotware 7.4 - Key Steps, Backups, Prevailing Compensated Torque & more

A new major version of Pivotware just released. See here for the latest additions.

New Features

Key Steps

Users can now define important (key) and non-important steps in the their processes. Further to this, users can then choose if all steps should be saved in centralized traceability or only key steps. Users can also filter on this criteria in CVI Fusion reporting.

Backup & Restore

A full backup of Infinity Client can made created and stored on an inserted PRIM. This PRIM can then be taken from this device to another where Infinity Client is installed and be restored. 

Compatibility with upcoming DeMeter 2.0 "On Premises"

Infinity Client Application communicate with DeMeter 2.0 (SOLO / On Premises). Infinity Client application can no longer communicate with DeMeter running on CONNECT.

Prevailing Compensated Torque Data

The Prevailing Compensated Torque recorded during Action Tool steps is now stored inside the Pivotware Database. It is acceptable when exporting a CSV Report.


No limit to user Pin Codes 

User pin codes defined in User Manager are no longer limited to 8 digits.

Delta Wrench Feature Usage Change

Delta Wrench asset usage on an Infinity Station now requires the use of a "Standard Tool" feature rather than a "Wrench Tool" Asset.

Bug Fixes

Infinity loses hotspots due to image distortion

Hotspots positions were changed in the Position Teaching menu of InfinityClient after a deployment

Data Com feature is needed for DeMeter

CVI Fusion required the Data Com feature when using DeMeter due to the Action Data Out step set up to send the process data to DeMeter. Now, having an Action Data Out to DeMeter in the process doesn’t trigger the Data Com feature.

Corrupted PRIM

Randomly at InfinityClient start or when connecting the PRIM, Infinity could raise the “PRIM corrupted” message on the diagnostic screen.

Deployment failed sending videos or pictures

CVI Fusion could fail at sending videos or pictures when doing a deployment. The deployment has been improved and media will be sent separately. A size limit has also been set to 55Mb per file. CVI Fusion could still fail at sending videos, but it will send every other possible media. Please restart Infinity Client if it still happens.

Row alinement is not good in reporting

CVI Fusion was not displaying correctly reports and misalignment could occur in the tables of the report. The layout has been improved on every report.

For more information about the new functionality or bug fixes, please contact support here 

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