Pivotware 7.4.2 & 7.4.3 - Bug Fixes

New minor version(s) of Pivotware are now available. See here for the latest additions. 


Bug Fixes

[#449] Certificate not recognized by Symantec antivirus

The certificate embedded in Process Control software could not be successfully authenticated, specifically with Symantec antivirus. This was due to the signature using SH1 algorithm. This signature has been upgraded to SHA-256.


Bug Fixes

Infinity Client crashing when using positioning

The use of a Positioning Arm could cause crash of Infinity Client. 

Memory Leak of Infinity Client

Infinity Client was using too much memory when an Action Data Out steps and in some cases using I/O. This behavior could cause the application to freeze and/or crash.

For more information about the new functionality, bug fixes or to request a download, please contact support here

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