Pivotware 7.10.3 - CCID Card Readers, Major Fixes & more

A new major version of Pivotware just released. See here for the latest additions. 

Pivotware 7.10 contains plenty of features important to your production! 

Upgrade the DB’s schema version

A new schema version of the SQL database is now required from release 7.9. Make sure you use the latest one: If not, please use the upgrade script.

New deployment is required

After upgrading an Infinity Station, a new deployment is required from the latest version of CVI Fusion to ensure that the current configuration is not seen as corrupted.

Internal protections prevent software to start

When COR_ENABLE_PROFILING environment variable is set to 1, Pivotware software will not start. Please check that variable if a software doesn’t start.

New Features 

CCID Card Readers

We are pleased to introduce in that new 7.10 release, the management of CCID card readers that gives to Pivotware a replacement for the old ACR122S reference. From this release, CVI Fusion, InfinityClient and InfinityModule can communicate with CCID-ready card Readers, and especially the ACS ACR122U

In CVI Fusion, several Card Readers assets have been added: ACS / ACR122U, ACS / Other CCID and Other Card reader / Other CCID:


In addition, there is no restriction on a specific Reading Mode when using CCID Card Readers: both ‘Continuous’ and ‘Single Shot’ modes are available. 

When ‘Continuous’ mode is set, InfinityClient / InfinityModule always read the card on the card reader. The user is logged in when the card is left on the card reader and logged out as soon as the user removes the card.

When ‘Single Shot’ mode is set, InfinityClient / InfinityModule read the events from the card reader: when the user put the card on the card reader, Infinity logs the user in (and the card can be removed); to log the user out, the card must be presented on the card reader again.

Bug Fixes  

10sec of delay between a tooling step finishing and the next step starting

When a process was created using loops over many automatic steps being set with the Key Step properties, InfinityClient could become very slow.

Using the new version of InfinityClient improves performances of such a process.

Tracker purges entries whereas not expired

InfinityModule (Tracker or Builder) could purges its database when restarting even if the expiration date of these data was not reached.

Using the new version of InfinityModule fixes that issue.

Image processing issue when used with Lookups

CVI Fusion was resizing to many times the Screen Background defined in a Lookup.

Using the new version of CVI Fusion fixes that issue.

Modbus TCP I/O Asset disconnections

Infinity Client had several issues managing some Modbus TCP I/O assets and this could lead to disconnections or instabilities.

Using the new version of Infinity Client fixes these issues.

Deployment issue for Action Data Out step linked to Lookups

CVI Fusion could raise error when deploying a process with Lookup on an Action Data Out: “An error occurred during the deployment. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source”.

Using the new version of CVI Fusion fixes these issues.

Fatal error when charging a lookup project

When opening Lookup file (*.flo file) in Lookup Manager, CVI Fusion could raise Fatal Error. 

Using the new version of CVI Fusion fixes that issue.

Moved steps are not sequenced correctly in CVI Fusion

When moving several steps at a same time, CVI Fusion could mix the moved steps.

Using the new version of CVI Fusion fixes that issue.

For more information about the new functionality or bug fixes, please see our release note here or contact support here 

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