DeMeter - A new release is available (DeMeter / DeMeter Collector

What's new in the release:

1- It is now possible to retrieve tightening results from Open Protocol devices.

What will I need to make it work?

- Upgrade my DeMeter version: see the corresponding article in the support portal.

- Upgrade my DeMeter Collector version:  see the corresponding article in the support portal.

- Install Open Protocol Adaptor (unless already available on the server) and the corresponding licence.

Note: an updated installation procedure will soon be released to update the installation procedure.

In the meantime, contact your local Desoutter contact, or our remote support team.

2- Connector names are now automatically updated

Now, rather than providing a name in DeMeter for any target connector, the system will retrieve the information from the Connector itself.

This should avoid any confusion in the future

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Be advised that Open Protocol Adaptor version is not yet compatible with DeMeter.

To retrieve tightening data via Open Protocol in DeMeter from non DESOUTTER controllers, it is therefore mandatory to use the previous Open Protocol Adaptor release, i.e.

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