Introducing Track My Service Status (TMSS) | A platform where you can manage everything Desoutter

Track My Service Status is Desoutter's premier web platform allowing customers to manage all their service needs directly and follow the entire process.

  • Check your entire installations tool inventory base
  • Receive warnings when tools from your facility need servicing and order tool maintenance with just a few simple clicks of the mouse.
  • View full technical history of your tools including initial production and delivery data, previous orders, maintenance reports, certificates and more.
  • Keep up to date with dashboard displays showing the status of all the products sent to Desoutter for a service or repair so that you can easily keep track of them.
  • A real team connection to our internal service management system means TMSS is always up to date.  Should you get a new tool from Desoutter, it will be added automatically in your inventory of tools ensuring a smooth and precise follow-up.

Track My Service Status is not only about tools ! In TMSS you can also view the past on-site visits from your Desoutter technician, as well as the upcoming visits.

To find out more about Track My Service Status (TMSS) have a look at our manual's here to get an account or contact our support team here

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